To the boy who I used to call “Daddy”

Even though you are dead to me, I still have to respect you as my Father. But, there is one thing you need to understand. You will NEVER be my dad. You had the chance and you let me go, so I’m not going to spend time crying because you weren’t an enough to stick around.

I am now 17 and I don’t know who my Father is because you decided I was not worth your love and time. But, no matter that because I now have an AMAZING Dad. He was able to show me what it meant to be a man and he showed me the love and attention that you didn’t show to me. I hope that you realize you don’t deserve your children’s love. You can’t just stay in a child’s life for two years and then skip out never to return again. My life has been filled with amazing events with my mother without you. You didn’t affect us by leaving. It’s your damn loss. You missed out on knowing what it means to have a child learn to love you and look up to you and for them to know that this man will be by their side for all of life’s hardest moments.

I have dreamed of what I would do if I ever got the chance to meet you… I will not seek you out. You are not my Dad, you only are the “Sperm-Donor”. That is all you will ever be to me and my mother. Your own brother has shown me attention, why couldn’t you do that? Your brother didn’t have to stay in my life yet he reaches out to me more than you have and i know ever will.

You mean nothing to me and you can never make up for the 16 years you missed out on in my life and the other years you will continue to miss out on.

Even though I highly doubt it, I hope one day you will learn what it means to be a man and actually stay in a child’s life.

Now you are left with the terrifying fact that your baby girl has grown up without you and she is better off that way.

I will never love you because you didn’t love me enough to stay. We are still a family without you and we will never miss you.


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