How do we live?

This world is already screwed up and what are we doing to help? Absolutely nothing. We talk about how politics are only going to hurt the world even more than it already is. Politics are not hurting the world. We jump at the chance to bring everyone else down and we only care about helping ourselves. What will we do to HELP the world not just bring it down like everyone else.

How can you sleep at night knowing that the homeless man you just denied a little piece of your sandwich to is starving. How do you live with yourself when you just called a girl who gets used by every guy shes ever liked a whore and a slut. What does any child do that is so bad you resort to hitting them? How do we sleep at night after all the selfish things we do during our day and we carry on not even caring if our snide little remark just cause a human being to decide to end their life.

I hope you sleep well at night.

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