What Next…

He looks at her the way every girl wants to be looked at. When he is texting her his smile is beautiful. She is what he wants.

You need to figure out what she has that I don’t have and then, knowing what it is I don’t have, you can finally decide who is worth keeping.

Lets take our time to say what we want.

How am I not supposed to think of her. Every single time I look into your eyes all I see are thoughts of her and it really hurts me.

I am hurting whether you can see it or not. It’s always there. Deep inside. I don’t know how to be happy anymore…


Does anybody know how to tell the person who means the world to you that the girl he WANTS is the one he should be going for. To stop chasing me and get back together with her.

Am I stupid for being okay with him choosing her over me. Most girls want to keep the guys for themselves.

But You can’t help who you love.




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