What Else Can I do

I want to succeed.

With the struggle of being a teenager where is the help that we actually need. Someone who actually knows what we are going through.

We need a person who will just shut up and listen. To tell us it will be okay when we need to hear it.

Aren’t those people supposed to be called our parents?

I love my parents. I know they are just trying to do what is best for me’ but calling me ‘dramatic’ and telling me to just get over it is not going to help me get over it.

When we are supposed to be able to talk to our teachers and we can’t because we know that they will tell the counselor which will tell our parents.

When we cant talk to our family because they will do the same.

Who are we supposed to trust in times like these?

I used to trust in God.

But after asking for his help when i was at my breaking point it seemed like all he could do was to turn his back and ignore me.

I tried to satisfy him just for him to accept me – didn’t happen.

So I’m not going to waste my time praying for help to a god that doesn’t seem to want to help me.

I used to ask myself what i did wrong to make him hate me.

I always cried because i thought i wasn’t good enough for him.

But maybe “he” doesn’t exist.


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